Assess Client Investment Risk with Monty

Monty identifies client investment plan risks for advisors


Understand drivers of long-term returns

Use Monty's model builder to understand asset allocation risk. Ensure clients are invested in suitable asset allocations relative to risk profile. Lastly, ensure clients' asset allocations are appropriate for the return they require (goal risk).


Identify uncertainty of returns

Plan ahead by understanding sequence of returns risk, inflation risk and market risk (volatility).

Why use Monty?

Monty identifies key plan risks for your clients' investment plans.

Asset Allocation

Identify appropriate asset allocations for your clients.

Risk Profile Suitability

Identify if asset allocations are appropriate for risk profile.

Goal Risk

Understand the return required to reach client goals

Inflation Risk

Examine an investment portfolio in both real and nominal terms.

Sequence of Returns

Returns are not linear and are uncertain. Use Monty to understand sequence of returns risk.


Measure investment portfolio volatility or market risk.

Simple and Transparent Pricing

Choose between our basic, pro and enterprise plans.

Portfolio Assess

R360 ex

Per Month


R600 ex

Per Month



Annual Plan

What our users say?

Monty has been such a tremendous blessing in financial planning with my clients. Not only is it user-friendly, but it also facilitates the conversations I have with my clients with respect to their saving and their spending rates in retirement. I’d be lost without Monty.
I absolutely love Monty! It has revolutionised the way I practice, ensuring my clients are always at the centre of my planning and portfolio construction process. It is essential to my client review process and significantly enhances my businesses regulatory protection. Amazing! Not sure what I would do without it.